Hello everyone, welcome to my vehicles and motors blog! My name is Aaron, and I have an unconditional love for cars. I grew up near a racetrack that me and my dad would go to every weekend, even if it was just to stand outside the gate and watch the cars go round and round. I actually got my first job at that race track buffing the wrecked cars. Thanks to all the experience I gained working there I was able to enter my apprenticeship mechanics program in high school, and I have not looked back since. In the 20 years that I have been working in garages fixing cars and trucks I have learnt a lot, but the best thing about this industry is that you are always learning more.
I have always wanted to have my own blog, so I will try my hardest to make this something you look forward to. I plan on doing some historic pieces studying car manufacturers, and some reviews on individual cars as well. Hopefully I will have to drive to post something a little different as well, obviously something about automobiles but maybe not about cars and trucks. Thanks for sticking with me through my babbling, and I hope that I will see you on here again.