2017 BMW 530i

Hey everyone, welcome back to my motors and vehicles blog. Last week I had a chance to travel to California and test drive the new BMW 530i; after a lengthy technical presentation from BMW. The presentation was definitely needed however, as the new car comes with a wealth of technological upgrades. The new 5 series from BMW includes Apple CarPlay but has no Android Auto (although this is the first instance of a Apple CarPlay working wirelessly) as well as an available wi-fi hotspot. You can also use the BMW app BMW connected to send pictures of the parked car to your smartphone or even have it connect with Amazon Alexa. It also included an automatic parking system that can slot the vehicle into a parallel or perpendicular parking spot.


Gone are the numerous different 5 series, and here are the new B46 turbocharged 2.0 litre inline four engine. The new engines produces only a smidge more power and a smidge less torque than the N20 turbo four but the new 5 series is noticeably quicker but that could be due to the use of an insane amount of aluminum. On top of the increased speed performance, the new 5 feels a lot easier to maneuver and feels more predictable. A great upgrade on a great car.

BMW 530i 2017